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brendaOn behalf of everyone at COR, I am thrilled to present our ‘new’ website! Although our organization was established only four years ago to embrace the gifts offered by one specific individual, we have grown to support meaningful life experiences for numerous men and women in our community. Through the philosophy and practice of Gentle Teaching, we have eliminated the typical patriarchal and hierarchy-based service system that has historically infused the lives of people labelled with disabilities. We support people not clients; we facilitate rather than dictate; we hope to craft companions not employees; and we embrace authentic selves that tell a story of who a person truly is, rather than a fictional self and story created by others that tells the world who you should be. We are privileged to have the support of the Gentle Teaching community to carry on with the work established by our dear friend, the late Dr. John McGee. We hope our efforts will honor his passion to ensure others always feel safe, loved, loving, and engaged.

Brenda Rossow-Kimball, PhD
President, COR

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