Finding Value in My Day: May 7th, 2014

Cara Milne- person centred planning

This practical workshop will begin by learning about the power of creating valued roles for children or adults with disabilities. Those attending will leave with a better understanding of how to improve the quality of someone’s day, based on building genuine relationships and roles, rather than only supporting them in activities.

This workshop will also examine ways in which people with disabilities can increase their involvement within their own homes and the surrounding neighborhoods. Cara will give some first steps in how to support people with disabilities to lead inclusive and value filled lives. 

Who is Cara Milne? Cara is the owner of M-Powered Planning Ltd, a Calgary business that promotes positive and valuable roles for people with disabilities. The variety of workshops and seminars encourage staff and families to see the strengths of their existing services, and simple strategies that create positive changes in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cara’s positive and energetic approach supports both common sense and sustainable change.

Gentle Teaching Symposium


Gentle Teaching Symposium
Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Research & Innovation Centre, Lecture Theatre 119 (University of Regina)   

This community event, hosted by Dr. Jim Daschuk & UofR students enrolled in Health Studies 301, will bring together COR Supports, families and community stakeholders to hear stories of how Gentle Teaching philosophy and practice is influencing people’s lives across Canada.

Welcome To COR!

COR You ChooseIn an effort to support our government’s goal to make Saskatchewan the best place for people with disabilities to live, COR continues to develop personalized supports for our provinces most marginalized citizens, while collaborating with community partners to forge out new opportunities for our sector at large.

COR strives to be on the cutting edge of our sector in exploring growth and development opportunities for individuals supported, while too offering a unique work environment for our employees. By investing in professional development and enhanced training opportunities, COR’s aim is to develop a cadre of knowledgeable and deeply skilled mentors committed to the vision of our dear friend John: a systematic change toward a culture of gentleness.

Thank you to all the fellow community organizations, local businesses, community members and the Ministry of Social Services, Community Living Service Delivery for their continued support in allowing us to develop unique opportunities personalized to the people we serve; we are truly blessed to be in a community that recognizes the need for compassion in serving those most marginalized. A special thank you to all the families, support personnel, board members and individuals of COR for making each and every day truly special – you all continue to be our source of inspiration!

Michael Lavis,
Executive Director, COR