Cultural Awareness Training

3 Hours

Cultural Awareness Training


COR’s Cultural Awareness training centers on fostering an inclusive culture within the workplace that celebrates differences and encourages employees to build relationships with people from different backgrounds. Utilizing a story-based learning approach, the training engages employees and helps them discover that people can experience the same workplace in very different ways. The key objective is to provide employees with a thorough understanding of their role in creating and promoting a safe and welcoming work environment for both colleagues and the people they support. Nurturing an environment where people feel safe, valued, respected and experience a sense of belonging is the heart of COR’s central purpose.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Identify one’s own biases related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Understand and be able to articulate the difference between diversity and inclusion.
  • Understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Identify situations in which further discussion and planning needs to take place related to diversity and inclusion.

Cancellation Policy

COR reserves the right to cancel a course 2 weeks prior to the course date if we have not received a minimum number of registrations. If this does occur, participants will have the option to move their registration to a future date or receive a full refund. Please see our full cancellation policy here.

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