Fire Safety Education

1 Hour

Fire Safety Education


In partnership with Regina Fire & Protective Services, Fire Safety Education provides employees with essential knowledge and skills to recognize fire hazards, prevent fires, and respond effectively in the event of a fire emergency.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Fire safety education includes the following components:

  • Services provided by Regina Fire & Protective Services
  • Basic Fire Theory
  • Fire Escape Planning
  • Fire Drills
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Fire Prevention, including: common fires such as careless cooking, careless smoking, electrical issues and appliance fires
  • Responding to small fires

Cancellation Policy

COR reserves the right to cancel a course 2 weeks prior to the course date if we have not received a minimum number of registrations. If this does occur, participants will have the option to move their registration to a future date or receive a full refund. Please see our full cancellation policy here.

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