COR 100 Acts of Kindness 2020

Value. It’s something that doesn’t need to be earned. We all have value. Within our own circle of support that value is magnified and can be easily recognized. But every once in a while a person we may not even know does something special and it takes us back. Maybe they spark up a conversation with us at the coffee shop when we least expect it, or maybe they hold open a door or plug our parking meter without us even knowing. How do we recognize and give thanks to the people that brighten our days?

100 Acts of Kindness is back and we are roaring into 2020 with all of the momentum from last year’s campaign! 2019 highlighted some of the unsung heroes of our city who make the ordinary extraordinary, and make those impossible tasks, possible! 100 Acts of Kindness 2020 is going to take last year’s nominations to new heights and continue to spread the love in different ways. Our Street Team is adding new members each week as we invite last year’s recipients to pay the love forward to new unsuspecting superheroes. Join us this winter in turning our snowball into an avalanche!

2020 Highlights


2019 Highlight Reel

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