Fostering Inclusion and Connection: The University of Regina Best Buddies Initiative

Best Buddies Canada, in partnership with Inclusion Regina and Creative Options Regina, is proud to support the University of Regina’s Best Buddies Chapter. This program unites post-secondary students with adults from the community who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, forging powerful connections that promote inclusion.

As a local chapter of the global nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating one-to-one friendships and inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities, Best Buddies champions social interaction, personal growth, and meaningful connections between students and community members with disabilities. This effort contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and diverse community.

The university program, designed to break down barriers isolating individuals with disabilities, pairs students with intellectual or developmental disabilities alongside their peers from post-secondary institutions. It fosters a supportive environment where students gain insights into the challenges and successes faced by their buddies, shaping their attitudes during their time on campus and beyond.

For adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities, Best Buddies offers a lifeline to a more enriching life. This program provides opportunities for engagement in social activities, the establishment of lasting friendships, and the development of essential life skills. Moreover, it empowers them to become self-advocates and leaders in their communities, reinforcing the idea that diversity and inclusion are pivotal in building a stronger and more vibrant society.

Inclusion Regina and Creative Options Regina play integral roles as the Host Partners of the University of Regina Best Buddies Chapter, providing support and resources for the program’s success. Together, they foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, and understanding within Regina’s post-secondary institution, a positive influence that ripples through the city’s social fabric.

Best Buddies exemplifies the power of friendship, unity, and acceptance. In a world that often accentuates differences, this program serves as a poignant reminder that, together, we can build a world where everyone belongs.