Meet our Governance Champions:

Marc Kelly, Board Chair

Why do you love being involved with COR? 

I like my volunteer opportunities to be situations where they either force me to grow or are fun and interesting experiences. COR has been this energetic organization that I think has really helped me grow personally and it’s allowed me to see our community in a different way. I get to be less of a cold heartless lawyer and more of a community builder. I’ve enjoyed being part of an organization that has challenged me to consider my own biases, and become better.

Have you learned anything from your time with COR that has transferred to your work as a lawyer? 

I think my interactions with my clients have been impacted. The culture of caring is so integral to COR but the notion of “caring” about your clients in a legal profession can often be challenging. The lawyer mantra is to never get involved – but I think I’ve had some success in showing empathy, and concern for my clients to help them through challenges. I would definitely attribute some of that to my time at COR.

“The people that we have hired for us do such an amazing job and to watch that, and to see them have success with that is such a huge reward.”

What’s the most rewarding part of being on the COR board? 

It’s been amazing watching the growth of the organization and watching the success of the people that we serve. I don’t take any sort of responsibility for that — I just consider myself fortunate to be a part of it and help guide the governance of the organization.

What do you tell people about COR that don’t know anything about the organization? 

I tell them it’s a force of nature. It’s this amazing organization that helps make peoples’ lives better. We’ve been fortunate enough to have an amazing leadership team and great employees that can deliver that.