Growing to feel safe and loved

Growing to Feel Safe and Loved

The culture of gentleness that I have been able to create started in 2013 with lessons taught from COR’s mentors, Deirdre and Tim. From the little things like looking past the negatives and to discuss the positives everyday, coupled with a common saying, “lets turn the day around!” are – to me – exemplary of what Gentle Teaching is.

The individual I serve has become very comfortable with me and he is now more willing to engage in new activities together with me. I achieved this comfortability by methods as simple as telling him “I love him”, “I am proud of him” and by holding his hand. Situations can be difficult, but through the COR teachings of gentleness and kindness, and respect, the individual I serve has grown to feel safe and loved by myself – which means that he is loving and willing to be engaged in return.

Greg, COR Support

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  1. Ashley H
    Ashley H says:

    I’m really stuck on this “safe and loved” idea. Not only in our house holds but in everything we do we should strive to help people feel safe and loved. I think if more people understood that we wouldn’t have so much hate in our world.

    Any way, cool post. Keep it up.


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