Meet Our COR Family: Shannon Wiebe

Hello!!  My name is Shannon. I am one of the mentors and have been with COR for the past five years. I also facilitate Coaching and Gentle Teaching Training, as well as complete Personal Outcomes.  My days are filled with many different and meaningful opportunities to connect with others. From spending time with those we support and their families to all of you! Prior to COR, I was the Coordinator with Regina Residential Services Co-management Committee.  For 18 years, I had the privilege of planning with families.

I always look forward to the summer BBQ’s when I visit with families who share with me how happy they are that their son or daughter is living a purposeful, meaningful, and loving life. A few of my favorite memories over the years have been 100 Acts of Kindness, cardboard box sledding, and chats I have with families.  I also am inspired when someone says to me –

“Guess what I did?”

This could be someone we are supporting who tried something new,  just got a job, met up for coffee with someone, or learned how to garden. It could also be someone I’m mentoring who conquered one of their own personal goals. I’m cheering for all of you!!

Fun Facts about me!

  • My favorite book is my Bible!

One of my favorite quotes is –“Humility is the most beautiful virtue that we can develop”- Joyce Myer.

  • Something people are surprised to learn about me is that I have my motorbike license.   My husband and I enjoy taking trips on the bike together. The farthest we have gone is Monterey Bay, California. In my free time I enjoy walking our dogs, Murphy and Mochaccino, reading,  journaling and spending time with my grandkids (and the rest of my family too) 😉