Meet the COR Family: Haley Zora-Boersch

Hi there! I am Haley! I am COR’s registered dietician! I have been a part of the COR family since April 2022! Although I have been at COR for a short amount of time, I have loved being a part of the health team and felt so comfortable and valuable immediately! I first learned about COR from my sister-in-law, Mandy Boersch, who is the Director of Mental Health at COR and coaxed me back from Halifax to work here (and I’m so happy she did!). My favorite part about being at COR has been rapport-building and getting to know the people we serve. Everyone is so unique and wonderful in their own way. My proudest moments are after the Friday cooking classes when people try food that they’ve made themselves and realize they like it- especially when they were sure they wouldn’t. Also, their excitement and when they’re proud in themselves, make me feel really accomplished.

My advice for prospective COR candidates is to always be learning and growing because education and knowledge are so valuable. This doesn’t necessarily mean formal education, but life experience and always being curious will help immensely!

Fun facts about me!

  • My favorite book right now is “Field Guide to the Haunted Forest”
  • Random facts about me – I’m a cancer survivor (lymphoma), I ride motorcycles, and I have a collection of framed animal bones/ bugs, some of which I’ve found on hikes.
  • I’m quite active in my free time and have made a point of trying new things lately. I’ve played ringette for many years, we have a group of us that recently started CrossFit, I’ve been trying pole fitness, and very recently started rugby pre-season training.