Meet Our Governance Champions:

Jenn Pederson, Director

Why do you stay on the board?

With the work COR is doing in the community, you can easily see the impact that they’re having in the community, and on the people that they support. That makes it easy to get behind their mission and the work that they’re doing, and it keeps me interested and wanting to participate on the board. I think another reason is the culture of COR.

“The culture of gentle teaching is so unique and so unlike many of the organizations that I have been with. It’s interesting to learn more about it and to understand how they’re able to leverage all their success with this unique culture.”

What’s the most rewarding part about being on the board?

Just in the 3 plus years that I’ve been on the board, COR has grown and evolved as an organization. I can’t remember how many homes they had when I started, but it has grown quite exponentially. So to me, that really shows the impact that they’re having and the trust that management and the employees of COR have been able to establish with the partners that the organization deals with, and they’re able to show just how much value they bring to the community. I think that has been quite interesting to watch.

What do you tell people about COR that don’t know anything about the organization?

That COR is a very awesome organization that provides individualized support for persons experiencing disability. It enables them to live in the place that they want to live and get the support that is personalized to their needs as opposed to a one size will have to fit all approach. That to me is what makes it really interesting and exciting is that personalization of the support that they provide.