Meet Our Governance Champions:

Karolayna Isley, Board Director

What’s the most rewarding part about being on the board?

COR is all about connecting with people. So, I find it rewarding to connect with the people that work at COR, that are supported by COR and the folks on the COR board. I also get to learn new things that I find really interesting and rewarding. The business and financial side of things in regard to being on the board is not really in my wheelhouse, but it’s really interesting for me to be a part of that.

Is there a situation that sticks out where you got to connect with somebody that COR supports!?

I don’t have one specific situation but I just love hearing about how people’s lives are improved by being supported by COR. It’s those happy ending stories when we’ll hear about someone who was maybe really struggling living somewhere else, or had lived multiple different places and was really struggling and then came to COR, and is really settled. Along with that, Michael has taken me on tours of a lot of the homes and observing the connection between a support and the person that they support, and that level of trust and excitement, it’s like family! It’s really special and unique, and you don’t see that everywhere.

“You know in The Lion King when he says, “everything that the light touches is our kingdom?” I tell people that everything COR touches is positive.”

What do you tell people about COR that don’t know anything about the organization?

 I also tell people that COR is the gold standard when it comes to person centred care, and COR is proof that there’s a lot of good in what can be a very hard world.