Meet Our Governance Champions:

Tia Froh, Board Director

What’s the most rewarding part of being on the COR board?

There’s such a diverse group of individuals on the board and I’ve been able to learn so much from all of them. Working with, and getting to know different people, their backgrounds, and their strengths, I definitely leave each meeting that I attend having learned something. This is what I find most rewarding!

Have you been able to incorporate anything you’ve learned from your time on the COR board into your full time job?

Budgets and numbers are not my sort of thing, so I’ve learned from going over budgets and numbers and now I’m able to interpret things differently with my full-time job when reading different contracts and that sort of stuff!

“With my job, I’ll be reading something and think, ‘this person needs to get into COR.'”

What do you tell people about COR that don’t know anything about the organization?

I will contact whoever is involved with that individual and I’ll tell them all about COR and tell them that I think their person will fit in perfectly, they just need to figure out how to get on the waitlist. So, I’m a huge promoter that way! Telling them about what the practices of COR are and how they focus on the individual. They really focus on the individuals strengths and what their lifestyle is, and matching them into the right home and what’s going to be best suited for them.

Where do you see COR going in the future?

Let’s keep doing what we’re doing because it is so amazing! And then once we can figure out how to grow it even more, let’s do that! But as COR grows, we need to focus on keeping the amazingness of COR! And, I think expanding to other cities would be great!