A Creative Christmas Dinner 2017

The Dream Initiative

The Dream Initiative started as little more than an idea with wide eye aspirations. Like most ideas, once they take root in our minds they drive and push us to test the limits of possibility and reality. Sometimes it is the simplest of ideas that make the biggest difference and develop the most profound outcomes!

The Goal? To provide the folks that we serve opportunity to lead the lives that they choose. We have the ability and the means to dream big! If we want to take a holiday- we save for it. If we want to become more active and independent we can buy a car or bicycle. The truth; many of our life’s goals are achievable and attainable and in many cases, this is done so with that help of our support systems. Why should the folks we serve everyday not be afforded the same courtesy and support?!

This last August the Dream Team with the help of the Supports at Creative Options Regina, were able to fund-raise enough money to send one of our own to Edmonton for a weekend of shopping, fun, and most importantly, memory making! This was not an easy task, but through meaningful support driven initiatives and a commitment made by the recipient to save 5 dollars per week, we were able to get this idea off the ground and soaring in its first year.

As part of the Dream Team, I just want to say that I am humbled by the outburst of support from everyone at all levels of our organization, as well as external support from our many friends in our community. Thank you for every part you played; whether it was supporting one of our appreciation nights, helping out at our booth at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, getting blasted with paintballs, or sharing your voice in one of the art initiatives!

Ben Morris,

Community Education and Outreach


Watch Serena’s Dream Trip come to life!



The Journey to Inclusion – IDPD 2017 Video Presentation

A number of local organizations (including COR) partnered on a collaborative video project to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), as proclaimed by the United Nations annually on December 3rd. The project created a video highlighting: The Journey of Inclusion.

“Over the last several years the disability movement has both reflected—and, hopefully, inspired—change. Throughout our history, there were few opportunities for people with disabilities in terms of social inclusion, accessibility and human rights. Now, the bar is continuously being raised in all of these areas.

Meet four people who are an integral part of changing the world for people with disabilities, their families and ultimately our communities. These are their stories….”

A shout out to our project partners:

Casino Night – Support Appreciation at the Artesian

“I would love to work in an office because it seems fun and full of positive energy!”

Jaime Carter is a mover and a shaker in the employment world. Her fantastic work ethic and gift of the gab has opened up a universe of opportunities and leaves those influenced in her wake astounded and inspired! Jamie’s an inspirational lifelong learner who understands the importance of education but also knows that you can’t have a clear view of where you’re going without recognizing where you have been.

iQmetrix-logoJaime has been working at iQ Metrix since January of 2017 and has enjoyed every minute of it. What started as stocking fridges and doing odd cleaning jobs within the organization has turned into some part time work behind the front desk! Now Jaime greets people, signs for packages and is appreciated as ‘part of the team and like she is part of the family.’

Her teammates have also recognized her talents. As her teammate at iQ Metrix puts it, ‘she is always happy and working hard!’

Jaime has also begun a training program that, if successful, would have her training people in and around the City of Regina to safely ride public transit. It is an initiative started by the city to help promote public transit to Canadian newcomers, seniors, and anyone else in need of a helping hand while riding the bus. Jaime has expressed her excitement with this new initiative by simply stating, ‘I’m excited! I love helping people and I know a lot about busses. Regina is going to be my home base and want to help keep it as safe as possible.’ It sounds like another perfect fit!

In addition to having an outstanding work ethic Jaime is also passionate about family, giving and caring for others, as well as maintaining a home she can be proud of. When asked what she does with all the money she makes she replied, ‘I like to buy gifts for my friends. Like cake! I also buy things for my cat and for my place, like a new coffee table and two end tables. [I am] proud of my living room.’

Jaime is also quite interested in visiting home more frequently. She would eventually like to be able to save enough money to visit home a couple times a year and get out to the beach more often. When asked about her home she stated that, ‘I miss going to the lake near Moosomin First Nation as well as Saulteaux First Nation called Acoshan Lake. I think about my family trips there and remember the sand on my feet.’

I’m going back to school. Haven’t been in school for over a decade

When asked what was next for Jaime Carter she replied, ‘I’m going back to school. Haven’t been in school for over a decade! I want to become an Administrative Assistant-Office Communicator. I would love to work in an office because it seems fun and full of positive energy!’ Jaime starts at the University of Regina this fall in the Campus for All program and is very excited at the prospect of furthering her education.

With Jaime’s ambition and selfless passion to do great things for others she is an asset to whatever project she chooses to become a part of. When you mix in her playful sense of humour and love for making a difference, the qualities of a great friend present themselves and completes the circle for a fantastic team.


Ben Morris,

Community Education and Outreach


COR Family BBQ on Willow Island 2017

Angie's FamilyChris & JessicaFiring Up the GrillGarth & LavinaJamie, Megan & JCJasen & FamilyJeff Playin FootballJessie & DadLisa, Mara and BrookSmileLori and DadMarshmallow RoastMckenzie, Kelsey & AbbieMichael & ChristineRelaxingThe GangRene and LavinaTommy & MomTiffany and GangAdam and DadTrent and FamilyWhitney & ShaunWillow Island

Family BBQ on Willow Island

Family BBQ 2017

COR Support Appreciation Night 2017

Support Appreciation 1Support Appreciation 5Support Appreciation 6Support Appreciation 7

Support Appreciation Night 2017

Celebrating a Creative COR Christmas – Festive Fotos!

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Christmas Party

Presenting… A Creative Christmas Dinner: December 16, 2016

COR Christmas