This is Jordan Wyonzek. This is his WHY!

What’s Your Why?

COR has over 220 employees, all with different stories. This blog series will highlight some of the amazing people that work at COR and what fuels their passion and purpose.

This is Jordan Wyonzek. Jordan is a Key Support Worker and has been at COR for 6 years. This is his WHY!


What brought you to COR?

I had first heard about COR a little over 6 years ago when I was just getting into university and looking to move into a new job. Some friends of mine had been supporting for a while and suggested I look into the organization. I have never looked back since!

Why do you stay?

Mainly, the people are what keep me here – the young adults I support have become some of my closest friends. My current team members and co-workers from past roles I have held are some of the strongest supports in my life. Also, throughout my time with COR I have had the opportunity to hold various positions and been guided to find the path that suits me. COR cares about us, they want to ensure we are happy in what we do and put us in the best possible position to succeed.

What’s the best thing about your job?

There are so many aspects about my job that I love. The supportive COR family, the amount we are invested in by way of trainings and support, appreciation events, the excitement of each new day and what might be in store. But above all, the ability to look and see how much those we support have grown both as people and friends is what really makes this place special.

What’s been the most impactful or meaningful experience you’ve had?

This one is so tough to answer, but there is a time last summer I can think of standing a bit above the rest. One of the young guys I support loves collecting Hot Wheels cars, like he lives for the thrill of getting a single new car. Once per week he had been going to the studio to do some work experience, earning some cash every Thursday to practice saving up for a big purchase. The end goal was a Hot Wheels 50 pack, something he had been dreaming of for ages – if 1 car is so awesome, how incredible would 50 at once be?! When that last payday came we went off to Toys R Us, his money in hand. I can’t put words to describe his excitement, his pride in working hard to save that money himself, him going to the store and paying for it with that earned pay cheque! Needless to say once we got back to the studio he was in heaven, opening car after car after new car. I feel lucky to have been there that day to see this all happen!

What do you wish others knew about supporting at COR?

That COR does not run “care homes” or “group homes”. We simply support people in their home. Places where the people we support are comfortable to be themselves. When we’re here we are learning, joking, building relationships together. Not a day goes by where it feels like work. Also, there are so many awesome activities year round to get involved in and check out!