This is Matthew Chin. This is his WHY!

Creative Options Regina has over 220 employees, all with different stories. This blog series will highlight some of the amazing people that work at COR and what fuels their passion and purpose.

This is Matthew Chin. Matt is the Director of Youth Supports and has worked at COR since 2011. This is his WHY!

What brought you to COR? 
I had just graduated with a Kinesiology Degree and was figuring out if I wanted to pursue further schooling. I decided to look for work in the meantime and my background in Adapted Physical Activity took me to the disability sector. I remember applying to a couple different community based organizations and in the process, my friend Shannon told me to check COR out. I looked them up and saw a couple job postings that were very different than others. It emphasized a desire to put relationships at the forefront of caregiving which made total sense to me. I met with Michael, the Executive Director and Jim, the Associate Executive Director and was immediately sold on the idea of COR and the positive impact they were trying to make.

Why do you stay? 
I stay because I truly believe in the vision of COR. To be a part of a community that has meaning and purpose makes it far more than just a job. For all of the challenging and stressful moments that I have experienced, there is fulfillment and joy in knowing that I am making a difference being part of COR.

What’s the best thing about your job? 
Definitely the best thing about my job is the people. COR does such an incredible job at creating a supportive and fun culture where people desire to connect with each other. The gentleness that we believe in extends to everyone connected with COR and it makes it so easy to build genuine relationships. The connection I’ve been able to make with people goes far beyond work.

What’s been the most impactful or meaningful experience you’ve had? 
The most impactful experiences that I have had are often tied to the most difficult experiences. When you go through an extremely challenging moment with someone where you both are left broken and questioning what you are doing, that often leads to moments of growth in a relationship that could not have been possible without that hard time. The other person begins to realize that you aren’t going anywhere and that you care about them despite all the rough interactions. That is when you see a trusting relationship begin to blossom.

What do you wish others knew about supporting at COR?
I wish others knew how important the support we provide to others is. How an act of kindness or words of encouragement have such a profound impact on the people around us. We have the privilege of being a crucial part of someone’s life journey and we get to show people every day what it truly means to feel safe and loved.