This is Steph Gartel. This is her WHY!

Creative Options Regina has over 220 employees, all with different stories. This blog series will highlight some of the amazing people that work at COR and what fuels their passion and purpose.

This is Steph Gartel. Steph is a Home Team Leader and has worked at COR for one year. This is her WHY!

What brought you to COR? 
My fiancé began to support at COR while I was supporting in a different organization. She would always come home with a smile on her face and would happily tell me about how incredible this organization is. After hearing about Gentle Teaching and how loving and accepting this organization was, I felt like I needed to be a part of it.

Why do you stay? 
I stay because I am valued, I am appreciated, and I am home. COR has such an inclusive community and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I feel blessed that I get to show love to the individuals that I support as they are more than deserving of it. Sometimes people just need a hug to feel better and I love that I can do that for them.

What’s the best thing about your job? 
The best thing about my job is the freedom to be myself and the growth that comes along with it. I came from an organization that didn’t allow me to freely express who I am as a person because my core values did not align with theirs. I often found myself being afraid to speak up on what really matters to me, which stopped my ability to grow both personally and professionally. I would often imagine my future, but I couldn’t see anything in it because my self-worth was slowly crashing. I am a very open being, but I began to become closed off, as I would get in trouble for expressing myself. When I came to COR, I found that a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I slowly began to come out my shell again. Every day at COR makes me feel free, welcomed, and accepted for everything that I am. I have grown so much and have become the best version of myself. I have never felt judged or unwanted and I thank the universe every day for bringing me to exactly where I need to be. I am always met with a smile from everyone in COR and I am always heard.

What’s been the most impactful or meaningful experience you’ve had? 
The most meaningful experiences I’ve had were the the moments when an individual that I supported said, ”you make me feel safe” and, “I love you, Steph.” When the individuals have said those things to me, it makes me feel like what I do really matters to them, like I make a positive difference in their lives. Anytime I hear it, it also fills my cup even more and it makes me feel like this is exactly where I belong.

What do you wish others knew about supporting at COR?
I wish others knew that supporting at COR is the most rewarding experience. There is so much room for growth and new opportunities. If I could go back to before I started supporting at COR, I would tell myself that I matter, I am loved, I am valuable, I am appreciated, and that there will always be room for constant growth in my life.