COR recognizes a person’s health is comprised of interdependent elements, including: mind, body and life. Therefore, our approach to wellness is holistic and focuses on supporting these three elements:

Healthy Mind

A Healthy Mind provides the emotional energy and clarity to approach and manage life with optimism and resilience. A Healthy Mind contributes to the prevention or better management of mental illness.

Ways to nurture a healthy mind:

Social – establish positive, nurturing and healthy relationships and have a sense of community and belonging.
Emotional – be self-aware; accept and manage your feelings, thoughts, and attitudes; have self-esteem and be resilient.
Intellectual – be open-minded to new ideas and experiences, that allow you to have a growth mindset and continue learning.

Healthy Body

A Healthy Body provides the physical energy and endurance to fulfill life’s daily requirements and reach personal goals. A Healthy Body contributes to the prevention or better management of physical illness.

Ways to nurture a healthy body:

Nutrition – eat nutritiously with a focus on natural, unprocessed foods and a balanced intake of nutrients; following the recommended guidelines for health benefits.
Rest – get sufficient amounts of rest, both during the day as well as sleep at night, to support the highest achievable quality of work and life.
Substance use – limit, eliminate or be better informed about the use of substances – such as tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, and others – on health and well-being.
Physical activity – recognize the benefits and enjoyment of physical exercise/movement, and invest time in individual and group activities that build endurance, flexibility, and strength; follow the recommended guidelines for physical activity.

Healthy Life

A Healthy Life provides the knowledge, ability and opportunity to interact with the world with increased confidence, security and stewardship. A Healthy Life contributes to a Healthy Mind and Body.

Ways to nurture a healthy life:

Career/Volunteerism – seek personal fulfillment and meaningful work activity that nurtures your gifts, skills and talents.
Environmental – relate to and care for the planet and nature.
Financial – understand and manage money in ways that provide security, confidence and options to support work, study and personal commitments and interests now and in the future.

Safety and care – safeguard yourself from physical or mental harm and practice methods of self-care that optimize well-being and prevent or better manage illness.
Sexual health – choose a positive, respectful and safe approach to sexuality and sexual relationships; free of coercion, discrimination and violence. Empowerment and courage to speak out and seek help if needed.
Spiritual – find peace, meaning and purpose in life, individually or through involvement with spiritual communities; appreciating connectedness between your inner world and larger expressions of reality.


COR will:

  • Ensure a supportive foundation – ensure foundational supports (e.g. leadership support, policies, etc.) are in place to guide the development and practice of certain values, beliefs and actions that support various dimensions of wellness, and discourage those that do not.
  • Foster a healthy culture and environment – focus on developing health promoting messages and networks, enhancing healthy spaces, and ensuring COR has a respectful, inclusive culture that reflects the values of the organization and the wellness needs of our family.
  • Raise awareness and maintain healthy behaviors – focus on engaging people in raising awareness, developing targeted communication plans and messages, improving access to health information and supporting change in behaviour.


COR will:

  • Identify risk and respond early – educate all members of the COR family to recognize early warning signs, showing that a person may be struggling and require support, including indicators of more serious health risks.
  • Build resiliency – empower people to take control of their wellness by developing coping skills to manage and/or overcome life’s demands, which decreases the risk of overall health issues.


COR will:

  • Provide training and support – offer support and training in all aspects of well-being for all COR family members.