• celebrating the intrinsic value of every person

    Rooted in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, COR strives to strengthen the fabric of companionship and community for all those we serve.

welcome to a culture of gentleness.

Since our inception in 2009, COR has embraced the philosophy of Gentle Teaching and has asked its caregivers to utilize this alternative approach to supporting people. COR has put aside traditional practices of support such as physical management, restraint and consequences. It does not accept interventions based on the use of reward and punishment designed to modify personally and socially destructive actions.

A culture of gentleness is woven into all aspects of the organization – in the people it hires, how each person is mentored, and in the selection and support of individuals and families. In a culture of gentleness, interactions are warm, welcoming and aimed at nurturing relationships based on equality and interdependence. Our focus is on building a sense of companionship and community with those we serve.

The central purpose of our presence in the lives of others is to nurture, teach and sustain the experience of connectedness, companionship and community.

Doing things is not the primary purpose of care-giving; being with one another is!

– John J. McGee, PhD

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